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PrietoDion Consulting Partners LLC
              Tax Consultants for the U.S. and International (non-U.S.) Businesses              
About Our Services 

We specialize in providing State and Local Tax (“SALT”) Consulting Services and Solutions to companies of all sizes located throughout the fifty United States and across the Globe. 

Our comprehensive approach takes into account that companies faced with multi-state tax issues are often concerned with their reporting and filing requirements for more than just one type of state tax.  

Because we have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of State Taxwe are able to analyze and offer solutions that address your company's varied state tax concerns!

State Tax Nexus Studies:

     One of the biggest concerns for businesses that operate in multiple states is understanding
     whether they are required to register, file, pay, collect and/or withhold taxes in states other
     than the state in which their company is located.  

     Our comprehensive approach involves understanding a company's multi-state activities and
     analyzing a state's rules to determine if a company has nexus for various types of state
     taxes, including;

  •      Corporate Income Tax
  •      Non-income Based Taxes (e.g., Washington B&O, Texas Margin Tax)
  •      Sales & Use Tax.
  •      Franchise Taxes
  •      State Payroll Withholding

e-Commerce Tax Consulting & Compliance Services:

  • We have extensive experience working with eCommerce sellers and advising on the application of the state tax laws including the following:
  • Sales tax nexus studies to assist the eCommerce seller in determining whether they have a requirement to collect sales or use tax in states in which their customers are located.
  • Advising on the impact of State "Amazon Laws" and pending Federal "Internet Sales Tax" legislation.
  • Sales tax filing services including sales tax registration, assistance with tax collection set-up on marketplace platform, filing of monthly, quarterly and annual sales & use tax returns. 
  • For the eCommerce seller that wishes to files sales & use tax returns on their own, we are available to advise and assist in evaluating the sales tax calculation software option, and can make recommendations.
  • Advising on whether the products or services provided by the eCommerce seller are taxable in those states in which the seller has sales tax nexus. 
  • Advising on whether the eCommerce seller is subject to other types of state business taxes in those states in which the eCommerce seller is registered for sales tax. 

State Tax Consulting & Compliance Service for International (non-U.S.) Business

  • We offer comprehensive tax consulting and compliance (filing) services for non-U.S. businesses including the following.
  • Obtaining a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your foreign entity (often the first step for a foreign company that wishes to conduct business in the United States)
  • Prepare and submit state tax and sales tax registration applications (which require special handling for non-U.S. businesses).
  • We provide a full service sales tax filing services for the international (non-U.S.) eCommerce seller, including filing of monthly, quarterly and annual sales & use tax returns.
  • We consult on issues of legal entity formation and on the advantages and disadvantages of creating a new US entity or conducting business (in the US) through a foreign entity.
  • For international sellers from treaty countries, we advice on the impact of bi-lateral Tax Treaties.
  • Creation or formation of a US legal entity (this service is provided by one of our key partner companies).
  • Establishing of a US bank account (this service is provided by one banking partners and requires travel to the U.S.)
  • In addition to our sales tax filings services, we also provide federal U.S. tax return and state corporate and franchise tax filings services for our full service clients. (Currently our federal and state corporate income/franchise filing services are only available to our clients for which we are handling all aspects of their U.S. tax needs, including their sales tax filings).
  • We are fluent in Spanish and can conduct all of our consultants in Spanish! 

State Tax Controversy Services:

  •      Voluntary Disclosure Agreements 
  •      Amnesty Evaluation  
  •      Audit Assistance
  •      Notice Resolution

Massachusetts Business Tax Consulting, including:

  •      Unitary/Combined Filing Analysis
  •      Manufacturing Classification Analysis and Filing
  •      Security Corporation Classification Analysis and Application Filing
  •      Sales Tax Consultations
  •      Life Sciences Provision Consultations

What Our Clients Say About Us:

"I am very grateful for how you treat us as your client - I have been working with a lot of different consultants the last couple of years, and the care you place in providing us with the best solutions for our business is outstanding.  Many thanks for that! 

- Anna Nordlander, former CEO, The Friendly Swede AB
Our fee proposal can be structured to best meet your company's needs; on an hourly basis, on a per state basis, on a per phase basis, and/or on a total project basis.   

Our flexible fee proposal approach eliminates "billing surprises" as clients are well informed of the anticipated service cost.

Interested in learning more? Have a tax issue you'd like to discuss?  

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