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PrietoDion Consulting Partners LLC
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Tax Services for Foreign Sellers
One of PrietoDion Consulting's main of services is assisting and advising foreign (non-U.S.) Amazon and other eCommerce companies with understanding and complying with their U.S. tax requirements. 

We work with Amazon FBA and other eCommerce sellers from many parts of the world, including from Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and Latin American. 

We handle everything from:

  • Advising on the tax considerations of doing business in the United States

  • Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the foreign business

  • Advising on sales tax nexus (the requirement to collect and pay U.S. sales taxes)

  • Advising on the taxability of products and services

  • Advising on options for dealing with prior year and / or prior month tax liabilities (for taxes owned but not yet paid to the state taxing agencies)

  • Registering the foreign business for sales tax collection purposes (preparing and submitting the proper documents so that the foreign seller can collect sales tax)

  • Preparing and submitting sales tax returns

  • Advising and filing other types of state tax returns (a foreign business may be required to file and pay other types of state taxes, such as corporate taxes, gross receipts taxes, franchise taxes)

  • Advising on U.S. legal entity formation (for foreign businesses that wish to organize a U.S. entity)

  • Advising on the tax treaty implications

  • Providing treasury services (client must be approved to use this services - see below for more about this service)

  • Assistance with opening a U.S. bank account (requires travel to the United States - see below for more about this service)

  • Preparing and submitted federal corporate returns

If you are interested in learning more about our Tax Services for Foreign Sellers, please fill out a contact request form.  We will reply to you within 72 hours. 

Special notes regarding our treasury and bank account opening services.  In general, our U.S. states require that the payment of U.S. state and sales taxes be made through a U.S. bank account.  Our states will NOT accept a payment of taxes from a foreign account.  For our approved sales tax filing clients, we provide treasury services where we pay the taxes due to the states on the clients behalf.  And for our clients who wish to open a U.S. bank account, we work with a reputable, national U.S. bank and organize the bank account opening process.  The bank account opening assistance service is available to clients who have been working with us for at least six months.  Also, due the U.S. banking regulations, foreign clients who wish to open a U.S. bank account with our assistance MUST travel to the United States. 

What Our Clients Say About Us:

"I am very grateful for how you treat us as your client - I have been working with a lot of different consultants the last couple of years, and the care you place in providing us with the best solutions for our business is outstanding. Many thanks for that! 

- Anna Nordlander, former CEO, The Friendly Swede AB